Client Portal

Make it easier for your customers to work with you!

Client Portal Screenshot

Traditionally, email and phone have been the preferred channels for businesses to communicate with their customers. With Zeleaux, you now have a dedicated client portal that will give you the ability to collaborate with your customers in real-time.


The Zeleaux client portal gives your customers access to submit and track work requests, as well as manage existing projects all in one place.  Gone are the days of 1,000 emails to finalize project details or to get updates.

Run your Business, don’t let your business run you!


Key Features

Workflow Automation

Improved visibility and access to real-time information 24/7, 365 days a year

Work Order placement and management in one tool

Access to active and completed projects

Client Portal CRM Software
client portal for job management software

Customer Collaboration

Improved Customer experience

Reduced internal email traffic to source information

Improved customer communication

Share and exchange relevant documentation e.g. blue prints, design packets, images