Project Management

View all of your projects in the same place, and collaborate with your team in real-time

Small business owners are expected to do it all. Prospecting, quoting, work orders, invoices, project tracking, customer follow ups, quality assurance, human resources… All of this, and the hundreds of other things you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, takes so much of your time.  Nowadays, time is a precious resource…perhaps the most precious one you have. 


You don’t have time to be switching from folder to folder, app to app, spreadsheet to spreadsheet searching for each of your projects. Being able to automate things like generating work orders or track project activity as quickly as possible means you can spend more time on new projects, quality control, and customer support.

Run your Business, don’t let your business run you!


Project Management Software

Custom Project Stages

Your project management system needs to be agile enough to adapt, customize, and evolve with your projects.

Organize projects based on your workflow. Create stages, choose colors, and design custom flags.

Drag and Drop projects to change the project status

Filter projects to view only those assigned to a specific employee/contractor

Track and Collaborate on Project Details

The Google Cloud makes collaboration seamless and efficient. All the project details are in one place, from beginning to end, allowing you to stay on top of every project at each stage – easy as pie!

Create customized forms using Google Drive and add to project details.

Upload documents, photos, and sync Google Drive documents

Create team and individual project checklists

Track project activity using project comments and to do lists

Project Plans and Work Orders

By connecting the online platform with the Zeleaux Mobile app, details and tracking are easily accessible in the field.

Generate work orders with one click

Export to PDF, or share with your team virtually through the Zeleaux Mobile App

Keep project phases organized for large and small projects