Zeleaux’s Field Service Management Software Updates – Release 1.4.2

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Zeleaux’s Field Service Management Software Updates – Release 1.4.2

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We are back again with more updates to Zeleaux. These include many enhancements in response to our customers’ requests. Please remember to HARD REFRESH your browser to pull in these updates.


🚀  New Features

  • New PUBLISH button.  We have added a new feature to the scheduling calendar that now allows you to create schedules in draft mode, and publish projects as schedules confirm.  This allows you to take control of your schedule, and make changes without sending 100 notifications to your crew.How does it work?
    Create your crew schedule as normal, and click save changes.  Now your schedules will default to draft mode.  Draft schedules are shown with a dotted border.
    Open and change the schedule as many times as you like.  When you are ready for your field crew to get notifications and see the changes, click on the project and select publish.
    Or, if you would like to publish ALL your drafts, click on Publish All.


 🌟  Improvements 

  • The Project Overview has a NEW LOOK.  It has been brought to my attention that the project planning feature, although very helpful, is being ignored by members of the team. I am hoping these updates will bring the feature more towards the forefront of the project planning functionality.Use this section to create a phased day by day, or week by week detailed project plan, track project notes, and keep the field updated with important project details.  Updates will sync to the work order instantly, where your field crew can access from the mobile app.  Please note, the old Scope of Work section has been renamed to Project Summary.

    Once you mark a phase complete, that information is hidden, but remains accessible for teams to view at any time. Don’t have a multi day/phased project?  No worries, just put your entire scope of work in the project summary and your work orders will be ready to go. 

  • The Labor Costing report filters have been updated.  You can now see ALL the project dates for an individual project without having to guess which week it was in. Select the project to see all dates, and use the additional features to choose how you would like to view the data.
  • Customer Contact name has been added to estimates and invoices.
  • Added ability to search by customer name in active projects.
  • The work order has a new look. The equipment section has moved next to the project summary.
  • Schedules view has been enhanced with the ability to view schedules by project.


🔧  Fixes

  • Labor costing report now shows Grand Totals on the PDF outputs

We love hearing your ideas on how we can make Zeleaux work for your business.  Please send your ideas and suggestions to info@zeleaux.com

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